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Join South Dakota's FIRST and most trusted cannabis analytical laboratory

Cannabis Chemlab holds the distinction of being South Dakota's first analytical lab specializing in cannabis testing. As pioneers in the field, our mission is to guarantee the safety, quality, and integrity of cannabis products.


Our groundbreaking work in the state underscores our commitment to excellence and adherence to regulatory standards, offering reliable and precise testing services to producers, retailers, and consumers alike.


Cannabis Chemlab is at the forefront of fostering a safer and more knowledgeable cannabis market in South Dakota.

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Changing the future of cannabis means thinking differently.

Cannabis Chemlab is hiring! We're looking for dedicated professionals to join our team in roles such as laboratory technicians, analytical chemists, and quality control specialists. Dive into the cutting-edge world of cannabis science and help us ensure product safety and efficacy.


Lab Technician

Flandreau, SD

A lab technician in a cannabis analytical lab is skilled in the preparation and extraction of cannabis samples, utilizing advanced techniques to isolate compounds for accurate testing and analysis.

Analytical Chemist

Flandreau, SD

Design and conduct complex chemical analyses to identify the composition and concentration of analytes, ensuring product quality and compliance with regulatory standards.


Flandreau, SD

Meticulously examine cannabis samples for microbial contaminations, using sophisticated techniques to ensure product safety and compliance with regulatory standards.


Flandreau, SD

Handle administrative tasks such as billing, client communications, scheduling, and ensuring smooth operations, supporting the lab's financial and customer service objectives.

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