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Moisture & Water Activity

Water Activity
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The Aqualab TDL, an innovative water activity meter utilized at Cannabis ChemLab, operates on the principle of tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDL). This cutting-edge technology enables precise measurement of water vapor concentration in the headspace above a sample, allowing for direct determination of water activity. The instrument emits a near-infrared laser beam directed towards the sample, which interacts with water molecules present, resulting in absorption at specific wavelengths. By analyzing the intensity of absorbed light, the instrument quantifies water vapor concentration, providing a highly accurate water activity value.

Once the water activity value is obtained, Cannabis ChemLab employs sophisticated isotherm models to convert this data into moisture content. Isotherms represent the relationship between water activity and moisture content for a specific product at equilibrium conditions. Through meticulous calibration and validation procedures, we establish robust isotherm equations tailored to different cannabis products. These equations take into account factors such as temperature, composition, and sample matrix, ensuring the accuracy of moisture calculations.

By leveraging this advanced instrumentation and scientific methodology, Cannabis ChemLab offers unparalleled insights into the moisture dynamics of cannabis products. This comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional moisture analysis methods, providing our clients with detailed information crucial for product formulation, quality control, and shelf-life assessment. Our commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology ensures that we deliver precise and reliable results, empowering our customers to make informed decisions and maintain the highest standards of product quality and safety.

Cannabis Leaf

Water Activity and Moisture Analysis

At Cannabis ChemLab, we utilize advanced technology like the Aqualab TDL to support our customers in ensuring the shelf stability of their cannabis products. By accurately measuring water activity and calculating moisture content, we provide essential data that informs decisions related to product formulation, packaging, and storage conditions. With this information, our clients can optimize their processes to minimize the risk of microbial growth, oxidation, and degradation, ultimately extending the shelf life of their cannabis products. Our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge instrumentation underscores our dedication to delivering reliable results and empowering our customers with the insights they need to maintain product quality and safety over time.


At Cannabis ChemLab, we use a special tool called the Aqualab TDL to check how wet or dry cannabis products are. It helps us figure out how long they'll last before they go bad. This way, we make sure our customers get the best quality stuff that lasts longer.

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