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Product Development

What is Product Development?

Product development is a series of stages that a business would perform in order to bring a new product or good to market and ensure it complies with all regulatory rules, such as homogeneity requirements. It is often referred to as a new product development since it typically refers to a new product, but it can also be referred to products where ingredient changes are being made.


Test your cannabis or hemp product with confidence

Cannabis Chem Lab Inc. is a valualbe resource for product development. With years of environmental testing experience we have the technology and groundwork to push the industry forward by providing consulting, analysis, and production safety practices. This ensures cannabis goods are manufactured accurately and consistently. Our expertise ensures the successful development of new products and a competitive advantage for our clients.

Why is Product Development Important?

Analyzing your products for consistency is the best possible way to ensure your customers are happy and content with your products. New products can take time to develop and without the proper analysis can end disastrously. With the 

Cannabis or Hemp Product Development Consulataion

The first step in product development assistance entails a conversation with our lab staff to discover where a client is in the product development process. We will create a plan with the end goal of facilitating a consistent final product that complies with potency strength rules as defined by the regulatory body. This process may require multiple potency tests and follow up conversations. Please contact Cannabis Chem Lab if you are interested in our product development consultation service! 
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