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Setting New Expectations for Cannabis, One Test at a Time

With each test, we not only ensure the safety and potency of cannabis products but also foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of their scientific and therapeutic potential. Our approach transforms perceptions, educating producers, consumers, and regulators alike, and paving the way for a future where cannabis is recognized and respected for its true value.


We Deliver Exceptional Services for our clients and consumers

Our Commitment to Clients and Consumers

At the heart of our work lies an unwavering commitment to integrity and service for the cannabis industry and its consumers. We prioritize accuracy, transparency, and reliability, understanding the crucial role trust plays within our community.

Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis products through meticulous testing and analysis. By fostering an informed cannabis experience, we aim to empower both producers and consumers with knowledge and confidence.

Our pledge is to maintain the highest standards, supporting the advancement of the industry and the well-being of those we serve.

Analytical Services

Analytical Service

Cannabis ChemLab offers comprehensive analytical services, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide accurate potency testing, contaminant screening, and quality assurance for cannabis, hemp, and hemp-derived products. Our expertise ensures that clients receive detailed insights into cannabinoid profiles, terpene analysis, and safety evaluations, supporting informed decisions and compliance with regulatory standards. Our commitment to precision and reliability makes us a trusted partner in advancing product quality and consumer safety.

Environmental Service

Our environmental testing services for the cannabis industry are designed to ensure the highest quality and safety of your products. We provide comprehensive water and soil analysis to assess the health of your growing environment, alongside detailed plant and sap analysis for nutrient levels and overall plant health. Additionally, our plant virus screening helps safeguard against yield-impacting pathogens, while microbial contaminant swabs ensure your products meet stringent safety standards. Together, these services form a robust framework for cultivating premium, safe cannabis.

Cannabis Nutrients

Certifications and Accreditations 

Cannabis ChemLab is dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards, rigorously adhering to state, federal certifications, and the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This commitment ensures the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of our testing services, meeting stringent regulatory requirements and instilling confidence in our clients. Our compliance reflects our pledge to excellence and safety in the cannabis sector.


Grow your Understanding of Cannabis.

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Through precise analytical testing, Cannabis ChemLab empowers learning about cannabis, revealing its complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Our commitment to accuracy not only ensures product safety but also enriches knowledge, fostering an informed appreciation of cannabis's diverse properties and potential benefits.

Cannabis Concentrate Sample Collection
Cannabis Flower
Cannabis Flower Sample Collection

Test Batch Collection Training






Industry Associations

Being a member of the Cannabis Industry Association and the Hemp Industry Association is a mark of commitment to the growth and prosperity of growers, producers, and manufactures all across South Dakota. At Cannabis ChemLab, we're proud to support our fellow members by offering an exclusive 10% discount on lab testing fees. This benefit underscores our dedication to advancing industry quality, fostering community collaboration, and ensuring that our services are accessible to those aiming to elevate their cannabis products. Join us in leading the way toward a more informed and responsible cannabis future.

Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota

Cannabis Industry Association (SD)

South Dakota Hemp Industry Association

Industrial Hemp Association (SD)


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Laboratory Technician

Flandreau, SD

A lab technician in a cannabis analytical lab is skilled in the preparation and extraction of cannabis samples, utilizing advanced techniques to isolate compounds for accurate testing and analysis.

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