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Our certification program allows you and your brand to maintain consistency and faith with our customer base. Our laboratory certifications ensure your products are accurately tested and labeled for the explicit benefit of your customers and the regulatory framework under which they are purchasing your products. 


Hello fellow shoppers and consumers!

Look for this logo on all of your cannabis and hemp products!

Did you know cannabis and CBD testing is unregulated in some states? Your purchase of brands that have the Cannabis Chem Lab Logo or CCLab for short ensures the legitimacy and quality of the products you purchase? By purchasing products from companies and brands that have the CCLab Logo you know that your product was:

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Tested by a leader in the Environmental Testing Industry

Cannabis Chem Lab Inc. is the first lab to establish cannabis analysis in the state of South Dakota. We are homegrown and ready to take on the challenges facing our new industry. With our extensive backgrounds in chemistry, microbiology, and environmental analysis we are well equipped to push this new industry forward with safety and regulatory compliance in mind. 


Tested by an Independent Third-Party Laboratory

Cannabis Chem Lab Inc. is an independent third-party laboratory. Independent third-party testing means the analysis of cannabis and hemp/CBD products by a laboratory that has no affiliation with the product manufacturer. This ensures unbiased results and incorporates a system of checks and balances to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance. 

Tested by an LGBTQ Owned Laboratory 

Businesses and brands that include our certification logo on their products are showing how diversity is our strength. As the industry continues to grow we will be there to ensure that love and acceptance is baked into the relationships we cultivate.


Tested by an International Standard Organization: 17025 Accredited Analytical Laboratory

Laboratory accreditation ensures that facilities are fully equipped with proper testing equipment and that technicians and chemists have undergone proper education and training. Cannabis Chem Lab Inc. is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard which is the internationally accepted standard for analytical laboratories.

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